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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

*This is how the subscription works*

When you make a sub, you appear on number one position on front page.

If another escort makes a sub after you, she shows your profile to number 2 , while she now becomes number 1.

If 10 other escorts make subs after you, you will be pushed to number 12.

Just like that.

If you don’t find yourself on the front page,,check page 2, and 3, and 4, and 5 , and 6 and 7 and 8 etc.

Thank you for understanding?


*Skills to improve your chances*

1. Learn to rotate your pics. And make sure your pics are appealing.

2. Make sure the text in your profile is enticing.

3. Best to Subscribe on week days, not weekend. Your Profile stays up longer.

4. Mostly people aim to subscribe weekends. Hence profiles gets pushed down quickly.

5. Most married men, Religious men (dont underestimate the carnal needs and desires of these holy men) struggle to go out on weekends.
Hence week day subscription is actually better .
Weekends are for the ballers, clubbers, made-men.

Now…. let’s go make some money 💰💴💵💶💷💸

*Welcome to Freakyconnect*

_What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas_

We charge users to pay a certain amount of points to unlock the phone numbers of users as it could be a way to reduce fraudulent activities on the platform. By requiring users to pay for access to phone numbers, it may deter scammers, time wasters, unwanted calls, and fraudulent individuals who are not willing to pay the fee from attempting to engage in nefarious activities on the website. This can help create a safer and more secure environment for all users and reduce the risk of fraudulent behavior.


– you should confirm the money is in your account before embarking on any video sex.

Go to your email and delete all temporary passwords you have received.

Then go back to your login page and perform only 1password reset, and wait till you receive the temporary password

How to report an Escort

1. Go to the Escorts profile page

2. Click on the report button

3. Please make your report very detailed. This will help other clients understand the personality of the escort and hopefully avoid her/him/they/Shim etc.

*To Edit your profile*

1. Login

2. Tap on Edit profile

3. After making changes scroll down and click


Freakyconnect is premium companionship website!


and should be paid upfront before you step a foot out of your house. Unless he is providing a *Paid for Uber/Taxify*.

If a client refuses, then forget it , he is most likely to be a fake / Time waster.

Don’t bother yourself, and never step out of your house, no matter the assurance he gives, if he is not providing tfare upfront.

*The tfare is your only way to prove a client’s seriousness.*

And also for your *SAFETY* by having a trail of the client, if any harm befalls you.



There are about 1 thousand escorts on the site www.freakyconnect.com , what is the chance a horny client who visits the site will browser though 50 plus pages to find an escort?

The truth is most clients will pick escorts from the *front pages* , or at least look through escorts on the *front page,* then maybe second page, third fourth fifth, sixth…. , the further you are from first page the lower your chances.

Some client do however, like to scroll through all the pages and find exactly what they want, who they fancy etc.

So if you want maximum exposure , if you want to be seen by the 200k daily visitors to the site, the *FRONT* page is where to be.

You can subscribe multiple times in a day. Whenever you are displaced from the front page, you can subscribe again to retain the top spot.

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Admin Support

Please broswe the FAQ page to see likely answers to your problems.

Please only message Admin if the solutions on the FAQ page does not solve your problem.


1. Do not contact admin asking for verification, you will be ignored.

2. Admin is not responsible for deleting accounts. Only a user can delete his/her account.

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